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Heart Shaped Dutch Stroopwafels


Dutch Stroopwafels Caramel Cookies at

Can I order over the phone?
Yes, you can. We can process your credit card manually. Please give us a call at 937-654-3557.

Can I fax or email you my order?
Yes, you can. Please send your order to 937-999-3940 or

How long does it take for me to receive my stroopwafels?
Since we hand-bake all of our stroopwafels, it takes around 5 business days for your order to be processed. We ship with UPS (2-4 days) or USPS (2-7 days), depending on your choice. If you need your order quicker for an event, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. We also offer overnight shipping.

Do I need to sign for my package when UPS delivers it?
If you do not select the optional UPS Signature Required option upon checkout, you do not have to sign for your package. However, this does mean that UPS might leave your package at your doorstep. If you do not want this, then please add UPS Signature Required to your order.

I have received my stroopwafels, but the syrup has melted and they look messy!
During the warmer months, excess syrup can ooze out of our stroopwafels, unfortunately. Although it might not look as pretty, the taste is still the same. However, for a small fee, we can ship your stroopwafels cooled! We cannot guarantee our stroopwafels arriving without any melting if no cold pack is selected.
Please note: if you need your stroopwafels to arrive in perfect condition, i.e. for a photoshoot or event, please make sure to select Overnight shipping and add a Cold Pack!

How should I store my stroopwafels?
Our stroopwafels do not contain any preservatives and should be stored in a cool and dry place, preferably in the refrigerator. Pop them in the microwave for a minute before enjoying them. You can also store them in the freezer to extend their shelf life for a few months.

We know that some stroopwafels have a longer shelf life than ours. But, take a second to think what has been put into them to come to this shelf life. Exactly. Preservatives and artificial flavorings. We do not believe in this. We believe in the pureness of a freshly baked stroopwafel. Without chemical junk to extend its shelf life. Want to store them longer? Then store them in the freezer. They will love it and you will thank yourself! Because they will taste just as fresh as when you put them in.

Are your stroopwafels peanut free and are they made in a peanut free environment?
Yes, our stroopwafels are 100% peanut free and are made in a peanut free facility.

I do not live in the United States. Can I order your stroopwafels?
Yes, you can. Our original plan was to ship to US addresses only. However, we have received a lot of requests from customers abroad that wanted to place an order. So, now we offer USPS Flat Rate Shipping to countries outside the US.

How can I pay for my stroopwafels?
You can pay with your credit card, with PayPal, Google Checkout, or a wire transfer. You can also place your order over the phone. We will process your credit card manually in that case. Please give us a call at 937-654-3557 if you want to place an order over the phone. If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, you can opt to pick up your order at our office in Bellbrook. Pickup is by appointment only.

Do you ship to PO boxes?
Yes, we do. However, we use UPS for our shipments and they do not ship to PO Boxes. If your delivery address is a PO Box, your order will automatically be shipped with USPS.

What does Store Pickup mean?
If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, you can opt to pick up your order at our office in Dayton (Bellbrook).

What about sales tax?
Since we only sell food items, these are not-taxable.

Why aren't your stroopwafels more buttery?
Well, in our eyes, there are two kinds of stroopwafels: stroopwafels and buttery stroopwafels. The latter is filled with cream butter, which makes it more fattening and increases the calories per stroopwafel. Also, we believe that butter overpowers the actual flavor of the spices used in stroopwafels. We do use cream butter in our syrup, but we mix it with 15% margarine to balance it out. We believe that the flavor of a stroopwafel should be balanced and not be too buttery. Flavor is a matter of taste: if you love a buttery stroopwafel, then please let us know and we will see if we should add it to our selection.

How are my stroopwafels best enjoyed?
We recommend bringing your stroopwafels to room temperature prior to consumption. They're even more tastier when you slightly warm them by placing them on top of your cup of coffee or tea.

Will my diet like stroopwafels?
The great thing about stroopwafels is that they are individual portions -- a sweet treat, just for you! When you have an individually wrapped and portioned stroopwafel in front of you, there is less of a chance of going overboard ... like cutting an EXTRA big slice of cake (we're all guilty of that!). Our stroopwafels only contain 150 calories: itís the perfect small indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth, and you donít feel like youíre stuffed.

What will I see on my credit card statement if I pay with my credit card?
Your credit card statement will state 'ILOVESTROOP'.

Can I buy your stroopwafels offline?
Yes, please click here for locations that sell our stroopwafels.

Are you interested in carrying our delicious stroopwafels in your coffee house or store front? Please send us an email at

Do you do fundraisers?
Yes, iLoveStroopwafels.comģ offers opportunities for fundraisers. We are currently involved in a project for the Booster Club of the Dayton Dutch Lions to help their players raise funds for travelling expenses. Our stroopwafels are perfect for door-to-door selling (think Girl Scout Cookies!) and will help you to generate a lot of profit for your fundraiser. Contact us at for more information.

I do not have a store, but want to sell your stroopwafels. Is that possible?
Yes, we are in fact looking for sales representatives. You can find more information here.

Do you have terms and conditions?
Yes, like every other business, we have to have terms and conditions. You can find them here.

I am looking for mini stroopwafels. Do you carry them?
Yes, we have mini stroopwafels!

And what about stroopwafel crumbs like they sell on markets in the Netherlands?
Yes, we have those as well. A big 1lbs bag of stroopwafel crumbs for only $2.99!

Can I use my own labels?
Yes, you can. We can sell you unlabeled packages of stroopwafels, so you can add your own company label or special occasion label.

I love your logo. Do you sell t-shirts?
Why yes, we most certainly do! Check this page for all our merchandise.

I need giveaways for an event. Can you help?
Yes, we are more than happy to accomodate your event. Please send us an email at with more information regarding your event.
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